Our Story

Nexaware is dedicated to helping people with limited mobility live better lives. Our targeted monitoring products are designed to provide individuals, caregivers, and family members meaningful physiological data about their health and wellness. Nexaware seeks to bring next-generation wellness monitoring tools to the public, especially those who are at risk for disease, obesity, or weight-related illness due to the lack of availability of proper technology, starting with our flagship product, E-Scale.

InnovateTech Venture is a venture creations firm that brings together seed funding, high-potential university technology, and experienced management teams to create promising new startups such as Nexaware. The technology for Nexaware, E-Scale, was invented by a team of students and faculty, including Jon Duvall, Jon Pearlman, Anand Mhatre and Rory Cooper, at the Human Engineering Research Laboratory (HERL), a joint operation between the University of Pittsburgh and the U.S. Veterans Administration Pittsburgh Healthcare system.



Edward Spitler – Chief Executive Officer

Currently, Ed is taking Nexaware through the development stage to full commercialization and production. He is working with the HERL group to develop additional applications that will provide next generation wellness.

Ed has served in multiple leadership positions throughout his career. Ed has a solid record in driving sales and growing top line revenue, and closing large complex multi million dollar contracts in intensely competitive U.S. Department of Defense, Federal and commercial markets. He has expertise in transforming smaller business unit models by effectively optimizing operational processes, developing new services, identifying appropriate teaming partners, formulating strategic alliances and partnerships and cultivating customer relationships to drive growth. Ed has successfully managed acquisition process and integration of two companies as well as divestitures with a cumulative value of $740M.

In the telecommunications industry, Ed possess an exceptionally strong technology foundation in telecommunications and satellite communications with a broad based knowledge of the internet and internet- based media and networks, as well as various communications and information technology services. He also has a deep knowledge of Federal government structure, government contracting, DISA, DITCO and GSA procurement practices.



Hank Rausch – Chief Technology Officer

At Nexaware, Hank is working with the team to accomplish product development and delivery.

Hank served in the U.S. Navy as a Submarine Officer and entered the civilian industry in 1993. Since that time, Hank has worked for Predicate Logic, CACI, Artel, Intelsat General and now as an independent contractor for the commercial satellite industry.  Hank has held positions throughout his commercial career which focus on network design and operations within the satellite industry for end customers ranging from Department of State, NSA and DoD.  Within his role at Intelsat General, Hank managed the Intelsat Secure Operations Center (ISOC) with 18 direct reports which provided full monitoring and control of approximately 100 unique customers to include the U.S. Navy CBSP program.  Hank has authored operations manuals, software code and mitigation procedures within network operations for the satellite operator and service provider community. Hank holds an MS Degree from UCLA, and BS Degree from Stanford and has completed all courses for his PhD in Information Systems from NOVA Southeastern University.


Partner With Us

As an energetic and devoted team of engineers, scientists, clinicians, technologists, and—most importantly—patients, we at Team Nexaware are passionate about using innovative technologies to assist people with mobility challenges. We are eager to grow our team through strategic partnerships, research collaborations, and other relationships that embrace a vision of a better quality of life through technological innovation. If you would like to be a part of our effort, or just want to learn more about what we’re doing, please contact us!