Our Story

Nexaware is dedicated to helping people with limited mobility live better lives. Our targeted monitoring products are designed to provide individuals, caregivers, and family members meaningful physiological data about their health and wellness. Nexaware seeks to bring next-generation wellness monitoring tools to the public, especially those who are at risk for disease, obesity, or weight-related illness due to the lack of availability of proper technology, starting with our flagship product, E-Scale.

Nexaware was created through InnovateTech, a venture creations firm which strives to bring together seed funding, high-potential university technology, and experienced management teams to create promising new startups.  E-Scale was invented by a team of students and faculty,  including  Jon Duvall, Jon Pearlman, Anand Mhatre and Rory Cooper, at the Human Engineering Research Laboratory (HERL), a joint operation between the University of Pittsburgh and the U.S. Veterans Administration Pittsburgh Healthcare system. Nexaware licensed the technology from Pitt and VA.

Principal Jeff Segal joined a passionate executive team and brought extensive experience launching start-up products and seeing them to fruition. Nexaware is working with Pearlman and Duvall to refine the commercial development of E-Scale.



A true entrepreneurial spirit, Jeff has spent the majority of the last 30 years spearheading technology strategy and development for successful startup companies and business units within larger firms. Beginning with his career at NASA and General Electric, Jeff has delivered high impact, cutting-edge products across a variety of industries including consumer electronics, digital rights management and healthcare markets. He has led a wide range of product launches including hardware-based products and software solutions for both internal customers and web-based SAAS solutions, in both the B2B and B2C arenas.

Prior to joining the Nexaware team as CEO, Jeff served as CTO for several early-stage and start-up companies. He has raised over $10 million in venture capital and was actively involved, as a co-founder and CTO, in the acquisition of Cinea, Inc. by Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB) in 2003. Jeff also served as a principal at Quay Consulting, a technology consulting firm dedicated to providing technology insights, fractional CXO services and holistic business management and technology production analysis. Jeff has previously worked in the home health sector with WellAWARE Systems, where he was the CTO in charge of defining and executing the technology road map for the hardware, software and web components of next-generation wellness monitoring solutions to support senior care.

In his free time, Jeff enjoys playing soccer in competitive adult leagues, spending time with his family, and continuing to explore the city of Richmond, his home for over 20 years.

Partner With Us

As an energetic and devoted team of engineers, scientists, clinicians, technologists, and—most importantly—patients, we at Team Nexaware are passionate about using innovative technologies to assist people with mobility challenges. We are eager to grow our team through strategic partnerships, research collaborations, and other relationships that embrace a vision of a better quality of life through technological innovation. If you would like to be a part of our effort, or just want to learn more about what we’re doing, please contact us!