Rory Cooper: The Man Behind the Technology

Rory Cooper demonstrates how the MEBot he and his team developed handles obstacles. Photos by Joe Appel. Rory Cooper couldn’t have known what to expect as he and his team from the Human Engineering Research Laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh prepared to test...

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Weighing the risks: Hospital scales, accuracy and safety

Scales are a necessary piece of equipment for all medical facilities. These silent workhorses sit in the hallways and corners of every medical office and every hospital department, and they are used by nearly every patient as part of their intake and daily care. A...

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Accurate Weight Measurements in Long Term Care

By Angie Windhorst, RD, LDN Accuracy of weight measurements is essential to the nutrition assessment of a resident in long-term care and sets the stage for nutrition intervention. Weight measurement is used to calculate energy, protein and fluid needs. It is used as...

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Matthew’s View on E-Scale

For Matthew Shapiro, weighing himself isn’t as simple as stepping out of the shower and onto the scale. It’s a multi-person effort that risks injury to himself and all involved. Born 12 weeks premature, Matthew was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a very young age. He...

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Patient Safety Technology

February 15, 2017 ‐ PSQH Instead of looking at technology as the entire solution, hospitals should view it as one potential enhancement integrated into a larger process. Failing to do the legwork to ensure effective integration can lead to wasted expenditures on...

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