Product Information

E-Scale, our flagship product, is designed to help the people with mobility impairment weigh themselves while they are sleeping or resting. E-Scale is the only affordable, easy-to-install weight-monitoring solution that can weigh up to two people in a bed. Providing point-in-time and trending information, the E-Scale passively monitors weight without requiring transportation or assistance.


The E-Scale consists of 4 or more sensors, which are placed under each load-bearing leg of a bed or piece of furniture to provide a convenient, easy way to monitor weight. Users do not need a special bedframe, and no adjustments are needed to their daily routine to adapt to the E-Scale. The sensors collect data, and weight is calculated and securely communicated to our web application where it can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet. Users or caretakers can monitor weight simply and conveniently, in an easy-to-read display.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If I sleep with a partner, do I need to change our sleeping arrangements?

Not to worry. The E-Scale is calibrated to take into account a second person’s weight, so there’s no need to adjust sleeping arrangements. The E-Scale is intended to integrate seamlessly into daily life, once the sensors are in place.

Do I need to use a regular scale?

No. The E-Scale monitors your weight while you are in bed, so there’s never any need to maneuver onto a regular scale, calibrate the weight of a wheelchair, worry about balance, or ask for another person’s help. The E-Scale is turnkey and all the data is accessible on your smartphone or tablet.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

The app is accessible on your PC or tablet as well. Looking up your statistics is as easy as checking the weather. Don’t worry – we’ve got an easy-to-follow tutorial to help you get it all set up.