Product Information

The flagship product, E-Scale, uses sensors placed under each load-bearing leg of a bed or piece of furniture in order to monitor people’s weight easily and effectively. Nexaware seeks to bring appliances and applications to provide wellness-monitoring tools to people with limited mobility, especially those who are at risk for disease obesity, or weight related illness due to the lack of adequate weight-monitoring tools. The E-Scale fills the market need for an affordable weight management system that does not require assistance from a caregiver or family member.

The E-scale technology consists of a series of low-profile measurement ‘pods’, one ‘pod’ placed under each bed post. Each ‘pod’ contains a load-cell and the electronics required to measure the force applied by the bed and its occupants. An algorithm combining the forces measured by each ‘pod’ then estimates weight of each occupant on the bed and transmits the results through Wi-Fi to a secure cloud-based database. Users, caregivers, doctors, and family members can then remotely view the measurements using any web-enabled device.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If I sleep with a partner, do I need to change our sleeping arrangements?

Not to worry. The E-Scale is calibrated to take into account a second person’s weight, so there’s no need to adjust sleeping arrangements. The E-Scale is intended to integrate seamlessly into daily life, once the sensors are in place.

Do I need to use a regular scale?

No. The E-Scale monitors your weight while you are in bed, so there’s never any need to maneuver onto a regular scale, calibrate the weight of a wheelchair, worry about balance, or ask for another person’s help. The E-Scale is turnkey and all the data is accessible on your smartphone or tablet.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

The app is accessible on your PC or tablet as well. Looking up your statistics is as easy as checking the weather. Don’t worry – we’ve got an easy-to-follow tutorial to help you get it all set up.